Library For All

Library For All is a nonprofit organization that has built a digital library platform to address the lack of access to quality educational materials in developing countries. While volunteering for them, we were faced with the challenge of designing a classroom-based reading app (tablet) for children in Haiti. 

The Problem

Haitian children do not have emails, phone numbers, or even recorded birthdates that are used in traditional logins.

The Questions

How do we create a password that's easy to remember?

How do we make the transition from physical books to e-reading as fun and seamless as possible?

For kids that have so little, can we make this a special experience where they feel like they "have their own space"?

The Solution

The child does not have a username, rather they take a photo of themselves to use to identify their account. 

Inspired by my own love for "Clippy" from Microsoft Word as a child, the LFA team and I decided upon a series of three questions for the password, where children select an animalit's color and a habitat in which it lives.

I illustrated the animals, which all, including the habitats, can be found chosen can all be found in Haiti.

To date, this app is being used by 8,000 students in 5 countries across the globe. This login is used by all readers under age 8. 

To find out more about Library for All and the amazing work they are doing to combat illiteracy, view their website